Scottish Parliament

Lord Frost has been condemned by numerous politicians from his own party.
"This is the single biggest attack on Scottish devolution and Scottish democracy since the establishment of the Scottish Parliament."
“I was making decisions for myself at 16," Gillian Keegan said.
First minister’s announcement to special session of recalled Holyrood parliament
Former first minister says the aim is to build "super majority" for Scottish independence.
First minister criticises "partisan leak" of committee's findings in Alex Salmond investigation.
First minister closes schools until February 1 as she says pandemic has become "extremely serious".
Nicola Sturgeon criticises prime minister after comments made to Tory MPs from northern England.
Education secretary John Swinney's announcement comes after a computer algorithm lowered the poorest students' marks more than those of their richer peers.
First minister Nicola Sturgeon maps route out of coronavirus lockdown.