'Secrets have always existed, but today's families face special dilemmas about secrecy, privacy, silence and openness.'
He tried some other excuses. Read more on The Huffington Post There are a few things you tend to establish on a first date
The baby we’d waited so long to announce, was announced for us.
Do MI6 know about the deception pregnant women weave to keep their babies secret? If they did, they'd recruit them pretty quickly. Keeping that magnitude of a secret while under difficult physical and emotional pressures is no trivial matter! There is a tradition that most people only tell immediate family until the baby is in the second trimester
The British-Asian community has existed for three or four generations now, but many of its traditions and customs have frozen in time; they're still the same as when the first generation came. Despite this, the ambitions and dreams of younger generations have moved on.
I'm going to say something rather revolutionary: it's an amazing thing to be a British-Asian, and in addition to be a British-Asian woman. This may be rather a different song to the one that some others are singing, but for me it carries the music of two oceans, two cultures, two worlds - clashing and colliding!
As much as I can appreciate that finances should be private to some extent, and that individuals have a right to be considered separately from their partners, I just can't imagine keeping a secret credit card or putting lots of effort into hiding big purchases from my partner on a regular basis. I certainly wouldn't dream of hiding £100,000 from him!
This latest episode will capture the public's imagination - as a good spy story always does - and will threaten to impact the reputation of not only the intelligence services involved, but also their governments.
It started, as these things do, online. One of those Facebook trends: spot someone sharing some facts about themselves, comment on it or 'like' their words, and you've self-nominated and before you know it, you're under pressure to share Seven Things You Might Not Have Known About Me.