The government is reportedly set to introduce mandatory 14-day quarantine for all visitors, and garden centres will reopen within days. Here's the latest.
The Shincheonji Church of Jesus' initial handling of the outbreak in South Korea endangered lives, Mayor Park Won-soon claimed.
Critics say Harry Harris' facial hair is reminiscent of the look sported by officials in the Japanese colonial government that ruled Korea from 1010 to 1945.
More than 6,000 incidents were reported in South Korea last year.
Officials are investigating the cause of the blaze.
He was the lead vocalist of one of South Korea’s most popular groups
The exercises have been condemned as a provocation by the isolated North.
"Travel is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer"; if you're nodding your head at this statement then you're probably the type of traveller to embrace your flight stopovers rather than see them as an inconvenience. After all, why pass up a chance at discovering a new place, right? If this is you, here are 5 of the best layover destinations to explore in 2016.
The man, who had been shouting anti-war slogans, was restrained at the scene Chung said the knife penetrated through Lippert's
This is the horrifying moment a sinkhole opened under the feet of a couple simply walking along a pavement. The incident