Cabinet Office minister forced to make quick clarification after issuing wrong guidance during TV interview on coronavirus lockdown.
The couple claim they will remain “deeply connected, loving friends.”
There is no easy way to tell your spouse you want to call time on your marriage. It may not have been an easy decision for you, there could be ill feeling and there is likely to be trepidation at what lies ahead. In addition, there may be some regret and some sympathy for your partner, however bad things have got.
Whilst we're in the EU, when a relationship breaks down they may make decisions for one person to return home to the UK with the children, viewing the maintenance of good post-separation parental relationships as fairly straightforward
Most people do not enter divorce lightly. Many couples fight hard for years to try and rescue relationships. There are men and women made miserable in marriages through no fault of either party. Their only recourse is to either enter a process that says someone must be at fault or endure a long, uncertain wait.
I consider myself a feminist. I consider myself to live in a world where things are certainly not equal for women, but being white, married, middle class, heterosexual and reasonably solvent meant that I did not experience the injustice so many women do on a daily basis.
Transformative change could be a few heartbeats away, as long as the will exists. Judges and courts could manage their parenting, property and money dispute cases in a fresh way, using their existing powers to better effect, whilst seriously protecting the families' right to a private life. A novel approach to writing a verdict is one thing: but it's time for judges to use their imaginations in a completely different way.
The government surely needs to be more instrumental in ensuring that the law is properly enforced so that much more mediation is delivered and many more families avoid high cost damaging litigation, achieving better outcomes for the whole family.
The last thing dads need, therefore, is LESS time being hands-on parents. If dads were given a day off work on Father's Day, it might be worth celebrating. So if you're an employer who wants to keep your workforce happy, let your dads go home early on Friday...or give them a day off on Monday. Otherwise, let's see Father's Day for what it is: a wasted opportunity.
Going through father's day alone can be tough but these 8 tips can help.