sex offences

'The Government has so far refused to take action to reform the law.'
'Receiving an indecent image from someone you don’t know can be very distressing.'
Increasing numbers of women are being sent unsolicited penis photos from anonymous senders via Apple’s AirDrop function. A
A man acquitted of rape who has to give police 24 hours' notice before having sex has said "it puts an end to your life".  The
A man has been banned from engaging in any sexual activity with women unless he notifies police a day in advance, reports
With over 36,000 cash machines in the UK, victims would be able to send short text-based messages directly to the police in a discreet way and help them receive assistance from a specialist officer. Such an innovation would help those who may be controlled by their partner, and are fearful of visiting a police station in case they're seen.
It is my belief that it is the British Justice System's responsibility to protect children and adults from sex offenders, implementing preventative actions and initiatives that will stop re-offenders in their tracks, and most importantly stop them from reoffending.
More than a quarter of sex offences - including rape - are not recorded as crimes because of "unacceptable failings" by police
Radio DJ Dr Fox has been arrested over alleged historical sex offences against two women. The 53-year-old Magic presenter