sexual assault

In any other profession, anyone accused of serious sexual offences would face immediate suspension followed by an investigation, Aisha Ali-Khan writes.
Alex Feis-Bryce, who reported a sexual assault by an MP almost 10 years ago, said he was "astounded" by how common stories of harassment were.
The Met Police is investigating four separate incidents, according to reports.
One complainant had accused the defendant of chasing her around his home, chanting: "I’m a naughty Tory."
Justice is rarely served when it comes to sexual violence, and it's about time to start a conversation as to why, Ilayda McIntosh writes.
Like Arabella in I May Destroy You, those who experience condomless sex without giving their consent are left doubting everything.
He could face 45 years to life in prison if found guilty.
While crowds can leave me sobbing, social distancing feels like a miracle.
Tara Reade has accused the presumptive Democratic nominee of assaulting her when she worked in his Senate office in 1993.
Newly unsealed court documents include Weinstein's comments about the Friends star over an untrue report that she'd accused him of groping her.