Shana Grice

Being stalked by a former partner can make you doubt your choices. A new law to protect accusers early on is a step in the right direction, author Katie Bishop writes.
Trevor Godfrey was told he would have been sacked had he not already retired over his involvement in the case after 19-year-old was brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend.
Grice was issued with a fixed penalty notice after she complained about being harassed by ex-partner Michael Lane.
Shana Grice was 18 when she met 26-year-old mechanic Michael Lane. The office receptionist dated Lane for a few months, before ending the relationship in December 2015. Lane didn’t take the break-up well. Over the next eight months Lane followed and harassed Shana, before ultimately taking her life in August 2016. Despite pleas to Sussex Police, Shana’s accusations of stalking were largely ignored.