Sheila Hancock

Actors Sheila Hancock, Nina Wadia, Lesley Manville and Toby Jones have also been honoured.
Rylan Clark and his mum provided plenty of laughs alongside Little Mix, Sheila Hancock and Rachel Riley.
When he was four years old, my grandson, Jack, began having headaches and vomiting, Doctors ran neurological tests, including one for meningitis, but couldn't find any cause. They prescribed painkillers but they had no effect. Eventually Jack was sent for a CAT scan, which found bleeding on the brain, and an MRI scan, which revealed the brain tumour. Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer... yet over the past decade just 1% of the national spend on cancer research has been allocated to this devastating disease. This is unacceptable.
So many funny women on our TV screens these days, it's easy to take for granted that, only a generation or so ago, these
The grifters are back in town, scamming their high-flying and money-dripping targets in their usual, poker-faced fashion