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Sam Altman, the chief executive of the company behind ChatGPT, urged lawmakers to install guardrails for AI technology.
"The industry is its own best satire in a lot of ways," says startup vet Anna Wiener.
The internet turns 30 on 12 March and like most 30-year-olds it is having a bit of a crisis of identity about what it's meant to be doing, who it belongs to and how it's supposed to make money. Creator Tim Berners-Lee has been pretty vocal about his disappointment at how things have turned out - but is there a chance it can still turn things around?
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says his company's efforts to stop online abuse have been a “huge fail”. In a tweeted interview on 12 February, Dorsey said Twitter and the other titans of Silicon Valley haven't done enough. The Chief exec said he'd give himself a C grade for efforts to stop online abuse.
Depending on your personal morality, meat may not be murder, but it is perhaps one of humanity’s most regrettable vices. That’s where cultured meat comes in.
Rather than accepting complex reality, tech giants are keen to try and prove social issues can be solved almost overnight
'Celularity will be receiving the placenta and umbilical cord for a steal, as no one really knows what it's worth – because it is priceless.'
For too long the development, governance and application of technology has been left to tech firms in Silicon Valley
Innovations in digital and green technology at work.