simon clarke

The former cabinet minister says the party must dump the PM to avoid a "catastrophe".
The former cabinet minister said the Tories will be "massacred" if Sunak leads them into the general election.
The prime minister was warned he "cannot out-NIMBY the Lib Dems and Greens".
His predecessor Simon Clarke called the move "anti-business".
Simon Clarke, a former cabinet minister, cites £35,000 average wage and says they shouldn't be relying on charity.
The prime minister pledged to oppose any new developments when he was running to be Tory leader.
Simon Clarke said the Tory vote in London was collapsing over the party's failure to build more homes.
“I don’t recognise this story at all," Steve Barclay said.
Simon Clarke insisted the prime minister's unfunded tax cuts were not the main reason for the economic crisis.