Simon Thomas

The former sports presenter is raising awareness of the symptom, which he didn't recognise as a sign of blood cancer before his wife's death.
A new relationship isn't impossible after the death of a partner – three people share how they coped.
"The way my boy is coping with the loss of his mum continues to inspire me."
"There are no shoes left to be filled. There will never be another Gemma."
The sports anchor says football 'doesn't matter' anymore, since losing his wife.
The former 'Blue Peter presenter's wife died three days after a leukaemia diagnosis.
The theory behind Industry 4.0 is that it will effectively create what has been called a 'smart factory', which utilises cutting edge technology, including cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things and cloud computing, in order to monitor the physical processes of a factory and make informed, decentralised decisions.
While SEPA's aims are admirable - and sustainable solutions are vital for future generations - their solutions seem to edge too close to idealism.
It's time to stop idly watching the decimation of our communities, and instead look to implement a multi-billion pound, long term water management infrastructure plan that will safeguard these wet little isles for decades to come.
The UK's Transmission System Operator, responsible for distributing and generating electricity, recently announced that biogas, a renewable energy, could be responsible for 10% of the nation's gas output by the year 2020. If targets are met, the National Grid hopes to have 45 new biogas power stations connected to the grid within the next two years.