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Broadcaster Sky has announced it will not be airing a controversial comedy about Michael Jackson after the singer’s daughter
I became really interested in the subject of failure when I was watching my daughter make the transformation from a child unfettered by the constraints of grown-up measurement to one consumed by anxiety over GCSE exams - from glorious freedom of imagination to a dread of failure.
One thing you must never ever do when you have the privilege of running a channel like Sky Arts is talk nonsense. This is the number one rule of running an arts channel, with the addendum that you must be able to stroke your beardy chin and say something frighteningly clever and well informed about everything you see, no matter how bad it might be.
I didn't believe I was an artist even though I set up a hip hop dance company aged 15 and haven't really stood still since! I have always seen myself as creative but reserved 'artist' for a special type of person. I'm only now recognising that, in fact, I believe everyone is an artist. Here are nine reasons why...
Actor, director, racing driver and philanthropist Paul Newman is the first of Sky Arts' subjects in its new series 'Discovering
Stephen Mangan reveals he got far more emotional than he anticipated, when he filmed his role as a pregnant man for one-off
Hosted by the bright and beautiful Anita Rani, the quiz is influenced by QI and University Challenge. Over four rounds teams are tested on a wide range of arts trivia from David Bowie to George Eliot.
'Harry Potter' actor Dan said of the bath scene: "It was great, because you know you are the envy of every woman ever." The
Dennis himself is the ultimate dispeller of this baseless myth; he was already one of Britain's richest men when his acclaimed, eloquently observant first book of poems A Glass Half Full was published. This surprisingly successful collection marked the start of an illustrious writing career that like Dennis, left fans wishing he turned to poetry in his twenties instead of his fifties.
Model and actress Lily Cole is to become a TV arts presenter, visiting leading figures to watch them at work. The star, who
Chat show king Sir Michael Parkinson is to return to TV interviews four years after his retirement with a new series for
I feel a bit grubby. I've just watched the actor Stephen Mangan murdering Who Know Where The Time Goes on SkyArts and I'm left wondering just what is this obsession with people doing things half cock?
Melvyn Bragg is to revive his long-running arts series The South Bank Show, after it was axed by ITV. The programme, which
Sky Arts is to air The Onion’s satirical TV show after striking an exclusive deal with an international distributor. The