'I'm sorry but did Satan invent that?' 👹
It's the middle of the summer and that time of the year when people start considering blended drinks for breakfast. The best place to look for recipes for such things is the internet. That's probably how you're reading this now, and thank you.
The key benefit of drinking a green smoothie is, it is a great way of helping the body to eradicate toxins. Our lifestyles often cause us to generate a build-up of toxins, key examples include when we have consumed alcohol, over-indulged in carbohydrates or eaten too many sugary foods.
The challenge is that one can end up focused simply on masking the flavour of the kale with sweet things, which rather defeats the object of a smoothie. (They should still be healthy don't you think, otherwise you might as well just have a milkshake and be done with it.)
While you can just easily sip this as a warm or cold tea or make a delicious hot cocoa with it, adding it as the liquid base to your smoothie gives you a great dose of the little fungi too! Paired with raw cacao and plant-based protein it becomes a wholesome smoothie to optimally support your body.
My thick milkshake brings all the (hungry) boys to the yard.
If you’re planning on making a smoothie for breakfast, try using less water to stay fuller for longer. A new, albeit small
Right in time to keep you on track in your New Year cleanse, this vibrant pink smoothie recipe makes healthy living and dieting delicious. It contains kale, a super vegetable which is full of goodness, yet you can barely detect it's presence in this smoothie rich in fruity flavours.
I tend to skip the ice in smoothies in cold weather. If I'm using frozen fruit then I often skip the ice anyway, but the idea at this time of year is to make it more appealing and easier to swallow whilst layered up and shivering by the fire.
Breakfast is fast becoming the nations favourite meal, or so word on the street tells us. Speaking for myself I know I am breakfast obsessed. With pop ups such as the Porridge Cafe in London which serves only porridge all day it seems like I am not the only one with this breakfast obsession.