We finally have a contestant that matches up to Eric Monkman.
And the opportunity for bird jokes... Seagull and his team are currently storming towards the final - earlier this week, they
Read more on The Huffington Post Admittedly, the streak ended when Paxman started asking questions that could be answered
A London law student was among at least 20 victims killed in a bomb blast at a popular shrine in Bangkok, according to her
A housing revolution is happening at my university: students at SOAS in London have been staging a rent strike. 150 residents
A verdict in Ghavami's case is reportedly expected this week. A spokesperson for the Iranian judiciary, Ghulam Hussein Mohseni Ejeyie, has claimed - highly improbably - that "Miss Ghavami's arrest and imprisonment has nothing to do with the issue of sports and women's participations in stadiums", and is instead "a national security matter". Quite what the issues of national security might be here are ... er, unclear.
Kohler's wife has paid tribute to his bravery Detective Inspector Dan O'Sullivan of Merton Burglary Squad said the victim
You don't often hear about student protesters winning battles with uni bosses. Why? Put simply, because it hardly ever happens
Fairtrade is a large, complex work in progress. We have never claimed to tackle all the many injustices that grind down people living in poverty, or to have achieved trade nirvana balancing all of global trade's problems with a magic Mark...