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Lockdown in England is easing a little more, which means the rule of six is back.
Will protests be banned? Can I now have brunch with five pals? And what's the deal with gym classes? We've got you covered.
Under new lockdown rules, people can meet up with other households outdoors from Monday June 1
Whether it's friends, family members or your partner, it's not uncommon to disagree.
Your social life is sorted for the next two weeks. From life drawing workshops to wine tasting events, try one of these if you're bored of being bored.
For every plan that falls through, there’s a schmuck behind the scenes who’s wasted a lot of time and energy.
Almost half of adults describe themselves as shy, according to new research.
There's something about Christmas that makes people panic-plan. Cue more panic.
I love all my friends equally, but have no interest in getting them together.