Social Media

It's unrealistic to suggest unplugging from the news or social media, but these tips will help you cut back.
Among the dance crazes and lip-sync memes, I finally found a place where it was okay owning your identity, and a place where I didn’t need to police my own feelings.
Social media companies should have an explicit duty of care to ensure all users are protected from traumatic content, write Seyi Akiwowo and Lauren Pemberton-Nelson.
Every time I tweet a fleeting thought or post a picture from my daily walk, suddenly I am not alone anymore, writes Marie Le Conte.
It won’t suggest your Facebook friends or Instagram followers as potential matches – unless you choose to use ‘Secret Crush'.
The Duke and Duchess said there's an “overwhelming desire” for truth as they described the crisis of misinformation that spreads online.
Dr Emma Hepburn is a clinical psychologist who started off using hand drawing to explain mental health concepts in her clinic. But after getting a tablet to draw with, she started creating illustrations and animations and sharing them to a wider audience on social media. Hepburn has just released the book ‘A toolkit for modern life: 53 ways to look after your mind’.
From contouring to avocados, clean eating to even cleaner homes, it's been quite the decade.
Do you know people who downplay the seriousness of rising Covid-19 cases? Or think it's a hoax? You’re not the only one.