'I'm not sure I can go to sleep until #kayaksofa has been confirmed or denied.'
The hashtag #KayakSofa trended on Twitter as people tried to find out if the surreal story was true - and, predictably, made
Toilet seats we can understand. Even bath mats are logical. But what the hell is urine doing on your furniture? A new survey
Since the arse-liberating trend began in the 90s, we have become incredibly open-minded about revealing our bottoms, yet extremely prejudiced about how they should look like - size, tan, firmness, roundness... Everybody seems to have a vision of how a perfect bottom should look like - nobody is indifferent.
A hotel worker has pleaded guilty to having sex with an abandoned sofa. Gerard Streator, 47, was arrested in September 2012
Sometimes, all a company needs to get people buying its products is a decent pun. Fish and chip shops have been doing it
A man killed his girlfriend by rolling on top of her and smothering her in his sleep, an inquest has heard. After Robert