soft drinks

"Artificially sweetened beverages may not be harmless."
The soft drinks levy has come into effect today.
The British corner shop is currently facing attacks from all sides. Property prices are rising and the cost of produce is also going up. Business rates have yet to be reformed, and consumers are turning to local micro supermarket brands instead of their corner shop.
In the face of great economic uncertainty this is no time for a measure that will impact negatively on companies and to higher prices for those who can least afford it whilst having no impact on levels of obesity. Most importantly, if the Government is serious about tackling obesity then it needs to put in place more preventative measures.
Here's a funny thing about drinking: You can drink bottle after bottle of beer, or glass after glass of wine, without a second thought about their sugar or calorie contents. And then, perhaps when having a night off the sauce, you can get very preoccupied with the sugar content of the soft drinks you're having instead.
As a small producer, and working with many other start-ups and other small producers, we have perhaps a unique position from which to view the proposed sugar tax, due to take effect from 2018.
The formula for Coke is supposed to be a heavily guarded secret, but according to The Mirror the details have been readily
Britain - nay the world is on the verge of demonising vital, healthy foods that kids need in their diets. Fruit, fruit juice and milk are not the enemy when it comes to the sugar debate. If we're not careful Mum's are going miss the point altogether and will dump these nutrient packed foods in the bin along with the cola, sweets and chocolate. ..
It's a new year, and for many of you, cutting down on alcohol, chocolate or cigarettes may well be on your January agenda. But how about cutting back on fruit juice? Yes, that's right. One of your trusted five-a-day may not be doing you as much good as you think.
Just one can of sugary soft drink raises the relative risk of diabetes by around a fifth, a study has found. Every extra