solar energy

Google's 'Project Sunroof' has now launched in the UK ☀️
Africa has about the best solar resource in the world. Typically, it’s about three times better than Europe.
Innovations in digital and green technology at work.
Forget beanbags and ping pong tables, the office of the future will fundamentally change how we work. Through a combination
At the end of each year lists of gadgets pop-up featuring numerous types of headphones, speakers and cameras. But how about
These road panels might look like an 80s disco floor, but they could pave the way for a more energy efficient future. Solar
We are witnessing an energy revolution. The question is, how far can this revolution go towards changing the face of the energy industry and as a result, the social and economic complexion of the world around us?
The UN's chief environment scientist Jacquie McGlade this week criticised the UK for appearing to abandon its leadership ahead of the crucial upcoming climate summit COP21 in Paris. If government policy continues in this vein, we won't need to ask the last person to leave to turn out the lights. They'll have gone out long before then. Just ask the clean energy investors who are starting to turn elsewhere.
So the British government's response to climate change is to go nuclear. The Hinkley Point nuclear power station is to be