Solar Impulse

The nonstop flight from Seville to Cairo took two days.
After a nerve-wracking final descent, the Sun-powered aircraft Solar Impulse has touched down in Cairo, marking the beginning
Solar Impulse is the world's largest civilian aircraft and the lightest: 72-meter wide and 2 tons in weight. With the same wingspan the Airbus 380 weights 500 tons. 100 is the number of millions of euro that the entire project costed, and the it is also the speed of Solar Impulse in km/h.
Andre Borschberg is about to do something that is -- to all intents and purposes -- incredibly foolish. Taking a plane that
Is Solar Impulse an extravagant toy, built on a whim? Nobody expects photovoltaic to move transport aircraft. Positive spill-over may concern some technical innovation, so it's no coincidence that Google, Swisscom and other big technological industries are among its sponsors. But a viable business model is not the point.
A revolutionary solar-powered plane has touched down in New York completing a historic flight across the United States. The
It's not just Venus which is making headlines thanks to the light of the Sun. The world's first solar-powered inter-continental