sold from under you

Releasing land into the private market is not delivering the quantity or quality of affordable homes we need – and as more land is sold, there's less opportunity to reverse the trend
Mass job cuts at councils have gone largely unnoticed by the public over the last decade.
Local authority sell-offs, especially those used to fund redundancies, show government needs to bring serious money to the table
The latest in our #SoldFromUnderYou series looks at the battle on the ground to save public spaces.
The government is now investigating, amid concerns £23million may have been used unlawfully.
Search this interactive map to find out what is happening in your area.
Would you sell a disused building to raise funds, or retain for potential future use but instead cut adult social care? These are the difficult decisions facing councils every day
HuffPost UK has partnered with The Bureau of Investigative Journalism to uncover the public servants, services and spaces being lost.
This national investigation uncovers how cash-strapped councils are selling off libraries, parks and community centres, and using the proceeds to fund job cuts.