This smart speaker plays nice with Alexa, Siri and soon Google Assistant.
Don't panic, Siri and Google Assistant are coming in 2018.
Sonos has unveiled the company’s first ever smart speaker with Amazon’s Alexa voice-assistant built-in. The Sonos One builds
A pricey, but powerful addition to your Sonos collection
Sonos has unveiled its new Play:5 loudspeaker. It's the replacement to the old Play:5 that was released over six years ago
We've reached a watershed moment for streaming music. Music fans are taking advantage of a rapidly evolving landscape of technologies and services that are redefining our music experience, and expanding our engagement with music and artists in ways that were previously unimaginable.
Everyone is obsessed with having the latest gadget in their pocket, but for some reason the idea of a tech-filled home still
Sonos has announced that it will be dropping the requirement for a wired connection to its Bridge allowing you to start streaming
As you know, or should know, Sonos speakers are amazing. They sound great, connect wirelessly, come in all shapes and sizes
Sonos, the wireless music and speakers brand, has unveiled a dramatic new look for its iOS and Android app. The new "5.0