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Author Victor Levenstein reveals how a forced confession to a KGB-fabricated plot led to a decade away from his family, for a special Life Less Ordinary collaboration between HuffPost UK and The Moth
The Lithuanian commissioner offered to give the Foreign Secretary a history lesson.
Foreign secretary made incendiary claim during party conference speech.
It’s debatable that Corbyn would even press for tough lines against Russia even if the evidence emerges
Ratko Mladic’s conviction was two decades in the making, a tribunal at the Hague holding him guilty of participating in genocide
Ratko Mladic’s conviction was two decades in the making, a tribunal at the Hague holding him guilty of participating in genocide
The FBI set off warning bells about Lee Harvey Oswald the month before President John F. Kennedy’s killing.
A Russian photographer has walked 24 miles through the desert to uncover an abandoned hanger and the rusting Soviet space
When I was little, I used to enjoy singing in a choir. One of the songs we sang went: "The Revolution has a beginning, but
Thinking about the legacy of the USSR, I never cease to be amazed at the professionalism with which Communist propaganda permeated every walk of life. Ideology worked on all levels, touching everything, manipulating people's deepest emotions, consciousness and sense of identity.
 He said: “I’m afraid you are.  When asked by Dimbleby what he wanted to see, Leonard added: “I just think we’ve been given
Tyrannical and thoroughly disagreeable though he is, Mr Putin stands for nationalistic pride, a crucial buffer against the perils of American foreign policy and a determination to defend a revived Russia on the world stage, and her citizens abroad. Three things I respect, and three things a shrinking world desperately needs.
Over a quarter of a century since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the scars of Central & Eastern Europe's post-communist legacy are still clear to see.
I love talking to children. They are so unaffected and they can tell you so much more about a society, and in a much more nuanced way, than famous politicians, experts, journalists, and the like. They are even better than taxi drivers who tend to provide such a deconstruction of the social and political life of their country that sometimes I want to say to them - please, take me back to the airport!
Like Pussy Riot, the Novorossiysk "twerk three" were charged with "hooliganism". But for what? Prosecutors apparently argued their twerk video was disrespectful to the memory of those who fought in the Second World War because it was filmed in front of the local war memorial... Like the Pussy Riot church video maybe not to everyone's taste, but a jailable offence?