Speed limit

He triggered every speed camera on the Sheikh Zayed Road.
A coroner has called on the government to impose new restrictions on recently qualified drivers following the death of a
Millions of drivers are facing the prospect of reduced speed limits in towns and cities across England and Wales, according
Former world champion racing driver Damon Hill has spoken out against government proposals to increase the motorway speed
Raising the motorway speed limit to 80mph will cost society an extra £1 billion a year, campaign groups said on Friday Fuel
The horrific crash on the M5 which has killed seven people has triggered a renewed debate on whether the speed limit on the
Following my little adventure with Her Majesty's Finest, I thought I would try an experiment. So for the last two weeks I
The transport secretary has indicated that the motorway speed limit could be raised to 80mph from the current 70mph. The low accident rates for motorways, the average speeds and police speed enforcement guidance do make a compelling case. But would safety be compromised?