Medical tests confirmed the suspect accused of spitting at the 47-year-old while she was on duty had not been infected with coronavirus.
British Transport Police said there was no evidence to substantiate a criminal offence having taken place.
Expert says the act of spitting at another human is a psychological assault as well as a biological one.
Anti-social spitters could be fined up to £500 if they sully the streets of Enfield, after the first law of its kind is introduced
Two people have been prosecuted for spitting in a London borough, in a move that is expected to set a precedent around the
MPs have backed a council's bid to ban spitting on the streets and make it a criminal offence. Communities and Local Government
Spitting on the streets of Doncaster is set to be become illegal after the council won permission to change the law. Government
The thing about Milton Keynes is that it is not quite enough like Singapore. Literally no-one has thought this before. It is an entirely original sentence. You read it here first. It is, however, not my thought.