st george's day

How much do you really know about St George and England?
St George's Day is celebrated on April 23 to commemorate the patron saint of England. The date is traditionally accepted
It's time the Government acted to end the unfairness that has seen workers in England short-changed for too long when it comes to Bank Holidays. So, this St George's Day, I echo the famous words used in the House of Commons many years ago, and say to the Prime Minister: speak for England, David, and give the English their national day off too!
Picture the scene: Portsmouth's Spinnaker and the Keppel's Head Hotel across the harbour from Gosport and its ferry. Five
St George would have been welcomed to Britain because of his skills as a dragon-slayer, Ukip's Patrick O'Flynn has joked
We can think of no finer way to celebrate England, our England, than to think about what's wrong. And to think about the
People search their family trees looking for a tenuous connection to a long forgotten Irish heritage. A great grandfather's, friend's dog - born in Ireland and providing the licence to enjoy a guilt free Guinness.
A group of friends were left slightly surprised after they refused service at a pub because they were wearing England flag
It was the week David Moyes lost his job, Ukip unveiled its new poster campaign and, most importantly of all, David Cameron
A huge Happy St. George's Day to everyone who loves their country. Or not. England has been branded as the least patriotic country in the world. Apparently only one in three English citizens or residents even know the holiday exists - with 40% unsure of why St. George is their patron saint to begin with...