'Trolling' is not a new phenomenon. In fact I'm sure it is a practice which has existed ever since remote communication began. And the trollers have a tool which is even more powerful, and far more established, with which to terrorise their victims - the withheld number.
Several companies have launched apps which give full access to smartphones or computers, allowing snoopers to see text messages, emails and photographs, listen to phone calls and even activate phones to listen to sounds around the handset even when it is not in use.
Stalking is an anti-social and unacceptable behaviour for civilised society. However, it is also a core characteristic of some addictive processes, such as Sex and Love Addiction where an individual will abandon all sense of self to immerse themselves into the world, or fantasy world, of another.
Sarah’s stalker was not put off when she changed her car, or her route into work. Within two days he was following her again
A love-lorn sailor has been detained by border officials after trying to sail into a British port to find his "holiday sweetheart
David Cameron has been criticised by stalking victims for reneging on his pledge to toughen the law. The Prime Minister announced
Stalking is to be made a specific criminal offence, David Cameron announced today, as he promised new protection for the
David Cameron will announce tougher laws on stalking in England and Wales as he meets victims today, sources said. The Prime
Violence against women is an iceberg under the surface of society. Every day millions around the world live in fear.
A new offence of stalking should be brought in immediately to stop harassment and intimidation turning to murder, an inquiry