statutory sick pay

Starmer slams claims, but government insists scheme wasn’t intended for sick pay
Charities hit out at vagueness of new advice and lack of support.
Labour highlighted the comparative cost as the chancellor repeatedly refused to increase sick pay.
Ministers previously rejected Labour Party calls for more help for those who would struggle on statutory sick pay.
Emergency question granted to Labour in House of Lords as row ignites over sick pay.
Despite working through Covid-19, staff employed by ISS get lower wages, less holiday and less sick pay than their NHS counterparts.
PM urged to step in to encourage people to report symptoms and follow the rules. Currently they are eligible for just £94 a week.
We are constantly told that the virus does not discriminate. But it does, in a very real way, writes Rachael Revesz.
Transport workers feel they've been disregarded as UK authorities battle to contain the Covid-19 outbreak.
Rishi Sunak needs to do more because the self-employed simply cannot rely on benefits to get them through the next few weeks or months, writes Kate Dearden.