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It comes after the prime minister said his plan to stop the perilous journeys was "starting to work".
The UK will only pay France around £9million more than under the previous deal.
He suggested a new identity scheme was being looked at “very, very carefully indeed”.
“The government said the threat of sending asylum seekers to Rwanda would deter crossings, we now see that the opposite is happening."
Ministers have apparently raised concerns about Ireland’s policy on Ukrainian refugees, arguing it creates security risk for the UK.
South Wales Police reprimanded the MP on Twitter – but he hit back.
Labour MP Stephen Kinnock, who is backing Lisa Nandy’s leadership bid, tells HuffPost UK Zarah Sultana’s comments are “utter nonsense” and “a gift to the Conservatives”.
As leadership candidates launch their campaigns to woo Labour voters, Boris Johnson goes about work in Westminster. The government’s rescue of Flybe has raised eyebrows, while in foreign affairs he’s called on Donald Trump to give the UK a new Iranian deal to back. Are we beginning to see the formation of Johnson-ism?Joing Arj Singh, Paul Waugh and Rachel Wearmouth, Labour MP Stephen Kinnock explains why he’s backing Lisa Nandy and what Labour need to do while out in the political cold.
Our PM has delivered a deal that is demonstrably more destructive than the one Theresa May saw defeated three times, Labour activist Mark Mcvitie writes.