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South Wales Police reprimanded the MP on Twitter – but he hit back.
Labour MP Stephen Kinnock, who is backing Lisa Nandy’s leadership bid, tells HuffPost UK Zarah Sultana’s comments are “utter nonsense” and “a gift to the Conservatives”.
As leadership candidates launch their campaigns to woo Labour voters, Boris Johnson goes about work in Westminster. The government’s rescue of Flybe has raised eyebrows, while in foreign affairs he’s called on Donald Trump to give the UK a new Iranian deal to back. Are we beginning to see the formation of Johnson-ism? Joing Arj Singh, Paul Waugh and Rachel Wearmouth, Labour MP Stephen Kinnock explains why he’s backing Lisa Nandy and what Labour need to do while out in the political cold.
Our PM has delivered a deal that is demonstrably more destructive than the one Theresa May saw defeated three times, Labour activist Mark Mcvitie writes.
Opposition parties lash out as Corbyn has "positive and detailed" discussions with Tory and Labour MPs over Norway-style Brexit.
0:0035:02 HuffPost UK's Arj Singh and Paul Waugh is this week joined by Anand Menon, Henry Newman and Labour MP Stephen Kinnock as an unprecedented week at Westminster thunders on. Theresa May's deal has been defeated...again. But now what? Parliament yesterday struck down 'no deal' - though the vote wasn't legally binding and now a series of votes over the week could bring us closer to what Parliament actually wants Brexit to look like. But does anyone know what shape it could take?
MPs, experts and campaigners warn electoral law is "dangerously outdated".
But Norwegian politicians have said it is "not an option" for the UK.
The five things you need to know about politics today
The fine levied to Vote Leave could be a game-changer
The five things you need to know about politics today.
We’re calling for Proportional Representation, so that seats actually match votes and everyone has a vote that matters equally
In another dramatic political year, it seems like another age when the Labour Party was at war and backbenchers were demanding
Labour MPs who want to end free movement will be “kowtowing to xenophobia” it was claimed as an immigration row swept across
Leading Labour MPs today warned the party would be “holding the voters in contempt” if it did not support an end to freedom
Down in the Commons chamber, MPs couldn't help direct their sympathy and love up towards that small family grouping in the corner of the gallery. Nearly all MPs on all sides wore the white rose of Yorkshire as a mark of respect for the local lass, and some wore purple and green colours of the Suffragette movement, as Brendan and Jo had at their own wedding.