Steve Bannon

A decision not to ban Steve Bannon has prompted anger from users of the social media site who say they've been barred for innocuous posts.
The former White House strategist said he would like to put “heads on pikes” as a "warning", in a deeply disturbing podcast message.
The former Trump campaign executive was arrested Thursday morning.
Steve Bannon has worn many hats in his career, from Wall Street investor to alt-right Breitbart editor, filmmaker to presidential advisor. We look at Bannon’s career and political ideology, from co-founding Cambridge Analytica to advising far-right politicians across Europe and South America.
Hey, maybe we shouldn't keep platforming racists on the BBC? Hussein Kesvani writes.
Johnson denied any links with the far-right US figure last year.
We might claim we want to expose the likes of Bannon in debate - but whatever happens, the far right will use the platform to raise support
The debating society announced the alt-right speaker on Wednesday, a decision which sparked backlash.
If there is one way to add fuel to the pernicious bigotry peddled by white supremacists, nativists and extreme nationalists, it is to pretend that they don’t exist