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"The NHS is in its most perilous position in its history," she pointed out.
The Sky News presenter accused Rishi Sunak of snubbing his Greek counterpart.
But the health secretary distanced himself from Suella Braverman's claim that the demo is a "hate march".
The health secretary was asked whether he agreed with Joe Biden that Tel Aviv must "uphold international law".
Judges have reportedly been told not to send burglars and rapists to prison because there is not enough space.
Prime minister Rishi Sunak's remarks about the trans community have already faced a widespread backlash.
The Today programme presenter roasted the health secretary over plans to ban doctors from taking industrial action.
Consultants and junior doctors will walk out together for the first time in the health service's history.
The Today programme presenter pointed out how Downing Street has backed itself into a corner.