Steve Rotheram

Exclusive: smartphone app could pave way for local strike action.
Steve Rotheram urged people to stick to "tier 3" local lockdown as he slammed "shameful" images of partying crowds.
People need to be able to trust the north's trains again, Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram write.
Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram said Northern had 'consistently failed' to deliver
'To ask these long-suffering passengers now to pay even more for a poor, unreliable service is to add insult to injury.'
Poor transport links are holding the north back, according to Diana Johnson.
The gap between Britain’s regional economies is starker than that of any other country in Europe thanks to the north’s poor
Liverpool mayor says government has turned its back on victims.
Victims of a gas blast which destroyed dozens of homes and businesses have been “completely forgotten” by the government
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An aide to Unite boss Len McCluskey looks on course for a safe Labour seat in the general election amid increasing speculation
Tensions between Labour MPs and Jeremy Corbyn are set to worsen with a fresh move to oust his Parliamentary aide from the
Hillsborough campaigner and Liverpool Walton MP Steve Rotheram has been appointed as Jeremy Corbyn's chief aide in Parliament
My hope, is that my constituents will conclude that I have delivered on my promise to work hard for them and my City and that my colleagues in parliament, new and old, will understand in the next parliament, that backbench MPs can achieve good things - it's just that it takes so much time and energy! But I do know that the last five years representing the area where I have always lived with my family have been unforgettable, and I'm looking forward to hopefully, stepping back into the Commons Chamber, but this time finding a new seat on the government benches.
Despite his protestations, ordinary Nige has been a part of the establishment most of his adult life. Will he be victorious in his bid to take working class voters with him and ensure that the 2015 election is as focused on immigration and the EU as it is on the economy and NHS? Well this Clacton charade should give us half a clue, but the landslide victory predicted may well be the zenith of his party's popularity and not its launchpad to General Election success. Like many working class Labour supporters who see Nige for what he really is, I will be watching with great interest.
My Lords and Members of the House of Commons, My government's legislative programme will make a valiant attempt to strengthen the economies of London and the South East in order to benefit the wealthiest in society. Despite the fact that debt will continue to increase and my Chancellor has borrowed more money than he forecast, my ministers will continue with the pretence that their long term economic plan may eventually reduce the deficit... My Government will also continue to cut taxes for the rich whilst failing to tackle the financial insecurity of low wages, the rise of part time, temporary work, unscrupulous employment practices and above all, zero-hours contract abuses.
Today really matters. It marks 25 years since 96 innocent men, women and children were killed at the Hillsborough football stadium in Sheffield. It marks 25 years since the orchestrated campaign to denigrate the memory of the deceased began. And it marks 25 years of totally preventable pain, anguish and heartache for the families of the victims and the survivors of that fateful crush... As we gather at Anfield this afternoon for the 25th anniversary of the deaths of 96 of our own, we do so, for the first time, under the umbrella of a collective hope.
Culture secretary Sajid Javid is facing a growing backlash from arts and sports organisations over his praise for ticket