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Plenty has been written about the 'left-behind' voters who have now created Brexit and Trump and are threatening to make a fascist President of France. But they have mostly been regarded - and possibly accurately - as something of a throwback, Luddites who provide little more than a general talking point and a useful demos for a small group of right-wing commentators with populist pretensions. There have been very few attempts to analyse the actual content of left-behindedness.
The five things you need to know on Monday, February 27… 1) WINNING HERE? Just imagine if the returning officer in the Copeland
Shadow Cabinet minister: leader must heed 'painful conclusions'
Until the party are able to present to the electorate a coherent, attractive and gaffe-free plan, they are in serious danger of returning to the political wilderness. The current landscape is being shaped almost solely by an ascendant Conservative Party, leaving Nuttall with a lot of work to do if he is to stop his party from descending into irrelevance.
A senior member of Jeremy Corbyn’s top team has urged him to listen to the public and not shy away from “painful conclusions
Anyway, as you can imagine people have been having a lot of fun this morning. When Crick pointed out that electoral rules
The five things you need to know about the Copeland and Stoke Central by-elections… 1) COPELAND’S ATOM-NATION SPRING Theresa
Opposition last lost seat to government party in mid-term in 1982.