Meanwhile, Conservative MP Maria Miller told the radio programme there was no evidence to suggest that the proposals would
They will no longer have to wait a year after having sex.
Rules on blood donation by gay men are to be relaxed under equalities reforms announced by the Government. As part of a shake
In this country children cannot undergo interventions for gender confirmation. They may get hormone blockers to delay puberty but they are not considered able to consent to hormones or surgery until they are 18. Young transgender people need to see trans bodies in transition, they need to see trans identities that don't undergo surgery but are beautiful.
As Stonewall once again release statistics that make chilling reading for the state of the world for young trans people, I'm once again reminded that we only tangentially live in the same world. Tell me how much time we should wait for things to get better. Tell me that this is exactly how it goes. Tell me it's unfortunate, it's really sad, but you don't really feel comfortable with this kind of chat.
And one in 10 have received death threats at school.
Almost half of transgender teenagers have attempted to kill themselves and more than 80% have self-harmed, a new study into
If such a partnership is pursued, The Conservatives - at the very least - have an opportunity and an obligation to demonstrate to their partners in the DUP why they too need to think again about LGBT people, our rights and our needs, and start actively working to achieve equality for LGBT people in Northern Ireland. It's vital that the Conservative Party stand firm on LGBT equality, and the Prime Minister makes that clear from the outset.
As a member of the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group, I've enjoyed working with a diverse group of trans people, to produce a succinct document, outlining the path to acceptance over the next five years.