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The government appears to have spent more for less substantial rewards in the past.
National Education Union dismisses government proposal as "unacceptable".
Rishi Sunak told his plan has "deep flaws" and should be reconsidered.
Featuring walkouts from teachers, railway workers and junior doctors.
Cabinet minister says the "only people that benefit from strikes are the Labour Party".
December saw the highest number of working days lost to strike action for more than a decade.
More than 70,000 members of the University and College Union (UCU) are taking industrial action.
General secretary Mick Lynch said the union's "industrial campaign will continue for as long as it takes".
Sharon Graham accused the government of a “real abdication of responsibility” over its refusal to budge on pay.
Around 484,000 workers could walk out on February 1 in the largest day of strike action so far.