Sue Gray

Labour dismiss accusation partygate report author broke the rules when she was recruited to work for Keir Starmer.
A government probe criticises the partygate report author days after she was cleared by a watchdog to become the Labour leader's chief of staff.
Guto Harri said the then PM was "literally hysterical" ahead of the publication of her partygate report.
Cabinet office secretary Oliver Dowden says probe into partygate investigator's move to Keir Starmer's office will be paused.
The former prime minister will be grilled by the privileges committee on Wednesday over whether he misled parliament.
Boris Johnson ally – who had previously called the partygate investigator "independent" – goes off at "friend of the socialists".
Leaked WhatsApp messages reveal MPs' concern about reviving partygate.
The Labour leader insists there is "nothing improper" about the arrangement.
Her decision to work for Keir Starmer has spawned a wave of conspiracy theories.
The BBC presenter ended up cutting short his interview with Alex Stafford.