Sue Gray

Criticism, heckling each other, a muted behind-closed-doors meeting, a contortion and zombie-like supportive tweets.
The prime minister looks to have survived the day, but the privileges committee and the public will soon also deliver a verdict.
Prime minister had repeatedly claimed no lockdown rules were broken.
Even some Tories seemed unable to believe how the prime minister was trying to justify the scandal.
"When they were texting colleagues about getting away with it, we were having to text our families telling them they couldn’t come to their loved ones’ funerals."
The Labour leader turned the prime minister's joke on himself, saying: "I'm told hindsight is a wonderful thing!"
The senior civil servant said there was "no excuse" for the lockdown-busting parties in Downing Street and Whitehall.
George Eustice insisted Boris Johnson had not lied to parliament.
Help for soaring bills and Sue Gray's verdict could both come before MPs go on recess on Thursday.
Report suggests PM told civil servant "it’s all out there" already.