suicide squad

Another film about superhe-oh, wait, villains? Shame, I think they're still the heroes. How boring. Suicide Squad was rated 15 - it sure doesn't seem it. Not necessarily failing the target audience, but they will recognise missed potential. Tweens would lap up this straightline shit for breakfast. Soundtrack's decent though.
Yet football exists in such an otherworldly situation it would be pretty much pointless to try and bring it down to earth by drawing it level with the rules or attitudes of any other sport. Instead, if we are truly looking to improve football, there is only one cultural medium so wildly inflated with money it could be compared to the maligned national game - the film industry.
The Oscar winner claims he has yet to see the film himself.
Jared Leto is the latest actor to break one of Hollywood’s golden rules and declare open season on his benefactors. Hot on
Yes, that Gucci coat from the 'Suicide Squad' premiere.
Cara Delevingne went full punk rock and we love it.
It’s not often you witness love at first sight in this modern day and age, but - thanks to the internet gods - our faith
The ‘Suicide Squad’ cast and a whole host of celebrities turned out to London’s Leicester Square on Wednesday 3 August for