“There’s no organisation, it’s piss-poor performance as usual," one driver, who made a 100-mile round trip to the Doxford Park site, said.
They're being followed by the Led By Donkeys billboard campaign.
Police are appealing for witnesses.
A burglar who cut himself breaking into a Pizza Hut in Sunderland, returned to the scene to try to wash away his own blood with a bottle of Pepsi. William Trotter admitted a charge of burglary and will be sentenced later on, after being caught on CCTV.
The chairman of Nissan Europe has written to factory staff to confirm it will cancel plans.
Local MP says impact of Brexit can't be denied ahead of Monday's anticipated announcement.
'You still need knowledge of how to weld to programme a welding robot.'
The beautiful countryside. And, of course, the glorious sight of the lighthouse by the sea (as boasted by broadcaster Lauren