There can be few things more pleasant in this life than reclining on a beautiful beach, and surveying white crested waves dotted with those black shiny suited acrobats of the sea. Not dolphins. Surfers
Surfing legend Garrett McNamara may have smashed his own world record after riding the crest of a giant 100ft wave off the
In El Salvador they say the country is so tiny that nothing is more than 40 minutes away. Whether it's volcano, beach or capital city, all are close - it's just the traffic around San Salvador that might hold you up
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Mother Nature is clearly good with water colours. These amazing pictures taken on a beach in Hawaii capture the exact moment
Rare is it that Patrick Swayze is topped, but his radical surfer Bodhi, of Point Break fame, has been beaten to the honour
Though the chilly weather has put most people off sports for now, that didn't stop Barcelona's Alexis Sanchez burying the
Floridian Keith Overton was recording his son, Mitchell, wake board off the back of a boat recently. Not that big a deal
A surfer managed to paddle back to shore covered in blood after a shark attack at North Avoca Beach, New South Wales, Australia
Here's a little something to make you fiercely regret all the calories you've consumed over the festive period. Elle Macpherson