Sustainable future ideas so out there - they could just work.
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'A significant step in the right direction.'
As we all know, the world is pretty weird right now - American politics, North Korea, climate change, fast fashion, landfill waste... The list goes on. But here are three important unnatural phenomena that have managed to largely slip under the radar.
Confused between Fairtade, Fair for Life, organic, ethical? Want to know what you're really putting in your basket in the supermarket? Let's demystify some of the thinking behind the labels shall we?
When I look at the bins outside my central London office choking on plastic, I feel useless. Because I can shop second hand and be conscientious about recycling, but there's a persistent nag that no matter what I do as an individual, I can't make a dent on the fizzy water bottles that we crunch daily or the quick fix clothes we buy. But what we can't do solo, I'm convinced we can do together. And it's why I'm convinced that the time now is charged for the launch of Sourced by HuffPost.
In a time when more and more people are concerned with the origins of what they wear, innovation is taking centre stage in the vegan fashion arena - to ensure that the new substitutes for leather are as kind to the planet as they can be, which often means working creatively with natural fibres instead of petroleum-based synthetics.
So, you're interested in living more ethically. In a world full of media distrust, political scandals and alternative facts, it's no surprise really. I'm feeling the same - I want to know where my food comes from, who made my clothes, and treat people - and the planet - in a respectful way.