Swine Flu

Robert Brennan is in a coma at Alder Hey hospital.
A year ago today I was eighteen weeks pregnant and I had contracted swine flu, though at the time nobody knew that.  My mother-in-law came round and found me lying on the sofa in agony, throwing up, and feeling faint.  She was frightened for me and phoned my dad.
A flu outbreak in England has prompted some schools in the South West to issue guidance for parents to keep children off
Vaccinations provide an effective form of response in the face of a flu outbreak, but there may be a far more simple way
A US-based scientist has confirmed that his team have successfully created a deadly version of the H1N1 virus which is able
Hundreds of millions of pounds spent stockpiling an anti-viral drug to combat a flu pandemic was a complete waste of money
Hollywood loves a good pandemic. Whether it's 28 Days Later, Quarantine or I Am Legend, the high-drama plot of a deadly infection is hardly a new concept. But does real life bear comparison to such storylines? Are we being treated to yet another drab sequel?
A swine flu jab which was given to hundreds of thousands of children carried an increased risk of developing the sleep disorder
Canadian research has revealed that mothers who have flu shots during pregnancy reap unexpected health rewards for their
The swine flu vaccine may have been responsible for a sudden increase in cases of narcolepsy among schoolchildren in Finland