The group protested the author Jonathan Metzl's book reading on the same day a white supremacist gunned down a synagogue.
The president said it “looked like a hate crime”.
11 worshippers murdered in deadliest attack ever on Jewish community in the US.
I have no doubt Jeremy is an anti-racist - but it has become abundantly clear this blind spot is real
What if Jesus turned up today and delivered his material in London instead of Jerusalem? What if he came and preached in Regent's Park, what would he say to us today?
In the midst of rising anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, the Jewish and Muslim minority communities in the UK must not relent
In the aftermath of another sickening attack on Europe's Jews, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has yet again urged
For centuries dating as far back as 3000 BC, India would've been regarded as not so much a country, but more a collection of evolving kingdoms and sprawling empires. Each with their own ruling dynasties, customs, culture, cuisine and fashion. The nation may be unified as one nowadays, but the remnants of this land's rich and diverse heritage still lives on.
While homophobia in the Jewish community may be gradually subsiding, projects like Rainbow Jews are leading the way in bringing Jewish LGBT history to the forefront of people's minds.
With only just over thirty members and an extravagant Grade II listed Moorish building, the tiny Jewish community of Bradford
Scotland Yard have arrested a woman under terror laws today as part of a wider investigation into an alleged "super-secret