Syrian War

'We fled our home under heavy shelling carrying nothing but the clothes on our backs'.
In besieged East Ghouta, parents battling for their hungry child’s survival have no foodbank queue to join.  Trapped by the
Seven years on, we want to tell the stories of the most vulnerable victims in a war that refuses to go away
All of the deaths, disappearances and instances of violence and torture that have affected my Syrian friends' lives should be fiction, could have been fiction if things had turned out differently. But since they haven't, these facts have had to be absorbed into the fabric of people's lives, just as the realities of life on a refugee camp have had to be.
We are now the media. Our generation have a more liberated voice than ever before so how in 2016 is genocide still a thing? We are living in one of the most pivotal times in recent history and it's time for us to wake up to reality. The day I met Pari Ibrahim she changed my life forever.
It's December and I feel a blog coming on what with Advent commencing, and the advent of war just around the corner (for
My meetings in Beirut with charities Viva and SOS Children's Villages were so encouraging. My experience of being a Nema
Leeds has announced that it will be taking in 200 hundred refugees to offer its hand in the crisis.
Standing in the shade of olive trees on a hill in north-west Jordan, the peaceful spring afternoon was suddenly shattered. From across the valley came the heavy thud of shelling from Syria's border villages.