After years of resistance, Nintendo has finally conceded the existence of smartphones and tablets — and has announced it
As the transition away from relatively easy to manage corporate laptops and desk-bound computers, personal tablets and smartphones gathers pace, it's no surprise that hackers are choosing these mobile devices as their next target.
The Apple iPad Pro -- a currently hypothetical machine, but a widely anticipated one -- might be delayed until September
Firstly, here's the bad news: There's no Sony Xperia Z4. Actually, that's not that bad, the Xperia Z3 is just as excellent
Smartphones and tablets aren't totally responsible for computer-related static loading, but they certainly are making the problems worse. Now that it's so easy to constantly be on-screen - switching from desktop to laptop to tablet to smartphone and back again and again - our muscles are never getting any downtime.
Too much screen time before bed can significantly affect both the sleeping patterns of teenagers and directly affect their
Mobile is a great example of where consumers want it all. The growth of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices means everything, everywhere, anytime, but it also means when we can't have it all on demand, we really don't like it.
The concept of the stylus as artist’s tool is nothing new. From intricate fantasy art to accurate photorealism, the digital
Some of these I covered in my previous review: Windows 8.1 is an imperfect mess. There are not enough good tablet apps. Etc
The holidays are a time for giving, we all know, and 2014 continues the trend of the past few years - one of the most popular gifts this year will be a new tablet, smartphone or laptop...