Hint: What are our taxes like right now, after 14 years of the Conservative Party?
The prime minister paid the taxman half a million pounds - a rate of less than 23%.
The PM and chancellor have dropped multiple hints that they will reduce tax in the run-up to the general election.
Tribunal points out that Monster Munch is not "generally reserved as a food for monsters” as name-on-the-packet argument dismissed.
The former prime minister will challenge Rishi Sunak with an alternative plan, despite the fallout from her last attempt.
The former PM says putting up corporation tax will cost the Treasury money.
The Labour leader published his returns a day after Rishi Sunak did the same.
Meanwhile, the rest of the UK is facing the highest tax burden in 70 years.
The pledge comes after it emerged Rishi Sunak earned nearly £5 million in the last three years.
The prime minister paid just over £1 million in tax to HMRC.