What you should know about the risks of taxi services amid the pandemic.
There is currently no nationwide safety checks for taxi drivers.
Drivers are staging a 24-hour strike over pay and conditions.
With another taxi strike hitting commuters, we rounded up some alternatives that are safe and affordable.
These people are the workforce grinding away all around the city making it run the way it does and although it's not perfect, but it's praiseworthy.
It's a universal truth that we all tend to lose our minds in traffic and use taxi drivers as a punching bags, when we're just making it worse for ourselves.
Craig, you made my day. Actually Craig, scrap that. You made my week. You reminded me that regardless of the dire political and economic states of my two residences (London and North Carolina), there are still some incredible people out there. You may not have written an acclaimed novel on the collapse of the Soviet Union or performed Chopin blindfolded but you made me and my mum smile a lot.
It is not only illegal under the Equality Act (2010) to turn someone like me away because they are travelling with an assistance dog, but it also can knock a visually impaired person's confidence and prevent them from doing everyday things like travel to work, or visit friends and family.