There really are people who don't enjoy a good cuppa. We know because we found them.
When it comes to caffeine, some people love the jolt of coffee while others prefer tea's subtle buzz. Is one a healthier breakfast option than the other?
But that doesn't mean you have to stop drinking coffee (or tea, for that matter) 😉☕️
As the Yorkshire Tea Twitter debacle enters its sixth day following *that* Rishi Sunak photo, one response has caught the attention of a nation.
They all promise to set you up for a lovely night's rest. But how much can herbs really do?
Nothing will ever come between Brits and a brew ☕️
We drink over 100 million cups of tea every day here in the UK - but just how British is it? From a Chinese legend in 2737 BC to a Portuguese Princess in the 17th century, here's a brief history of how tea came to be the nation's favourite drink.
Do you let your tea cool down before you drink it?