The National Education Union has been urging its members to join the mass public sector walkouts over pay and working conditions.
NEU demands "clear and unambiguous signal" that teachers are valued.
Given the shambles Gavin Williamson oversaw last summer, the latest move is perhaps unsurprising.
"We want kids to look forward to their futures without worrying about an incompetent government, but that’s just impossible at the moment."
Doctors, teachers and police officers are among frontline workers amid the Covid-19 pandemic who will see extra money in their pay packet.
For all the difficulties staff in mainstream education will face, there are a hundred more for those in special education, writes Katherine Denkinson.
Headteacher Chris Parkhouse asks: Why are we the only key workers being asked to accept that social distancing isn’t really possible – with next to no PPE?
Former Labour education secretary suggests teachers should follow lead of supermarket staff in dealing with risk.
From putting their health at risk, to dropping meals off for families in need, teachers reveal how they are the "glue" holding communities together amid the crisis.
Strikes and Covid-19 have meant that some students have had just two full weeks of teaching since 27 January, writes Sabrina Miller.