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An Iranian demonstrator tears up a portrait of Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz during a protest in front of the Saudi
A controversial Saudi cleric, who some community leaders warned could whip up Muslim sectarian tension in the UK, has told
The English Defence League are wolves in wolves' clothing. Let us not put them in sheep's clothing. The EDL should be treated as a threat to social cohesion, particularly by the mainstream media. Instead of attacking those trying to help journalists, like Charles Moore, ought to think about how to be part of the solution.
Senior Muslim leaders in Britain have expressed concerns that a controversial Saudi preacher who arrived in London this week
Tell MAMA has recorded over 200 anti-Muslim incidents, both online and offline in nature, during the post-Woolwich period. Such incidents have included targeted hate statements and anti-Muslim abuse, through to property being damaged, anti-Muslim literature being circulated and mosques being targeted.
Having researched Islamophobia and anti-Muslim phenomena for more than a decade, I've come to realise that for some people the 'number' of incidents are far more important than the reality of the lives of those affected.
Tell Mama, the charity which monitors anti-Muslim incidents, has hit back at claims they overstated Islamophobic attacks
Of course, the country must be eternally vigilant against crimes against minorities, especially acts of reprisal and retaliation. As I've argued elsewhere, there is a real threat of Islamists and far-right activists feeding a cycle of mutually reinforcing violence. But it would be terrible to allow extremists to portray the UK as an anti-Islamic country, feeding the 'us and them' narrative. It is simply not the case. It is equally true that groups like the EDL need to know the feeling is mutual: surveys have found British Muslims are the most patriotic group in the UK.
Muslim leaders have expressed fears over the "massive spike" in Islamophobic abuse following the butchering of a solider
Fears of a prolonged backlash against Muslims have intensified after dozens of Islamophobic incidents were reported in the